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Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, we can make it all the more special with a spectacular firework display and create memories that last a lifetime.

Our prices start from £1000 – lasting around 5 minutes and culminating in a pretty finale. An optional start button is included for you and your partner to press hand on hand to start the show. If your photographer is still present this is a unique moment to capture, if not, don’t worry! one of our team can assist you in capturing this special moment. For displays above £1000 we will also include a heart with the bride and grooms’ Lancework initials made from our firework LanceRope. Your budget will determine how much you ‘fill the sky ’with amazing effects – the sky is the limit!

You can make your display even more personal and special by setting your display to music. Our Pyro-Musicals are fully choreographed using specialist software, meaning it is perfectly timed and each firework and effect is specially selected to interpret the emotions conveyed in the music.

We will tailor your display to your requirements, including colours, themes or if you prefer a quieter display for example. We can make sure your display is kept secret from your guests or even the Bride and Groom if you would like to surprise them as a special gift.

Our displays include pre-site visits, full set up and clear down of the site and liaison with the venue. We have fully comprehensive insurance and only use the best quality professional fireworks. All of our team are trained in safety and we will notify neighbours with livestock on your behalf if necessary – meaning all you have to do is enjoy your day.

“Well worth every penny for Our Wedding. Was a massive surprise for our guests which is what we wanted. Couldn't have been happier with the display they made. If you do get married in this area you need these experts, they take what you already have planned for a wedding and make so much better”

Simon Brealey

“We wanted a surprise with the wow factor for our daughter and new son in laws wedding. I called Rob and gave him my wish list..... He promised me he could make it happen... Oh my goodness he did just that!!!! Even more amazing than I could have imagined and hoped for..... Emotional to the very end. Thank you Rob, Pauline and team Gforce for an amazing finale to a fairytale day for everyone. Xx”

Dawn Healey